German translation philology

Linguistic and Technical University
Duration 3 years / 2 years
Studies online
Received the degree of Bachelor / Master

Study direction description

Are you dreaming of a career in an international company? Or maybe you would like to work as a translator in the future? Check the offer of our translation specialization in the field of German philology. This field of study will allow you to gain skills that will then give you the opportunity to translate any text (from literary, through Internet publications, to press, and many others).
The classes will prepare you to use the computer and the Internet, which is necessary in the work of a translator, and will also help you acquire competences in the field of specialized translations. It is this scope that will be based on texts related to various fields, including medicine, law, economy, art and technology.

German philology with a translation specialization will allow you to find your way into the labor market without any problems, because it offers great professional opportunities. The activities that await you after graduation include cooperation with publishing houses, translation agencies, and companies that require contact with foreign clients or partners. In this case, you will need on-the-fly translation, which requires a lot of linguistic freedom - you will gain it during our online studies.

Document obtained Diploma

What will you learn?

You will obtain a professional qualification within the chosen profession.
You will gain knowledge of the language of the specialization at C1 level.
You will acquire basic knowledge and skills in the field of linguistics (with an emphasis on applied linguistics) and in the field of literary and cultural studies.

Job prospects

Translation offices
Language teacher
Public administration
Foundations and organizations dealing with cooperation between
Germany and Poland

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