German for business

Linguistic and Technical University
Duration 3 years / 2 years
Studies online
Received the degree of Bachelor / Master

Study direction description

If you are interested in working in a business environment, you certainly know that you will need certain skills that will make it easier to find yourself in such a place. This is what you will gain with your studies in German Philology with a specialization in Business Language. It is also an opportunity to prepare future teachers and lecturers to conduct business language classes.
The curriculum itself focuses on providing the necessary theoretical knowledge, thanks to which the student will understand the terminology and phraseology of the subject of interest. Thus, the specialization will teach you to understand and analyze specialized texts, while helping to master the rules, forms and styles of content prepared for the various needs of companies. In addition, the language in business allows you to expand your competences thanks to lectures introducing the terminology of management and the basics of finance, law and marketing.

Completion of studies in this specialization gives wide opportunities on the labor market - the graduate will have no problems finding employment in international institutions, areas closely related to export and import, as well as contact with foreign clients and marketing. The knowledge constantly acquired while studying German philology allows for free communication in a foreign language in a German-speaking business environment.

Document obtained Diploma

What will you learn?

You will be able to analyze, interpret and edit economic and financial texts in German.
You will learn and apply negotiation techniques, learn to be a mediator and negotiator during business meetings.
You will effectively use the knowledge about cultural differences between Poland and the countries of the German-speaking area in interpersonal communication.
You will skilfully use the latest techniques for obtaining and processing information with the active use of modern IT tools.

Job prospects

Foreign contact specialist
Administrative units
Institutions conditioned by international cooperation.

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