Russian for business

Linguistic and Technical University
Duration 3 years / 2 years
Studies online
Received the degree of Bachelor / Master

Study direction description

The aim of foreign language studies in business is for students to master the skills necessary to work in a business environment, to intensively learn Russian focused on the business environment, as well as to prepare teachers and lecturers to teach a business language. The curriculum within this specialization focuses on understanding the terminology and phraseology of the Russian language in business, understanding and analyzing specialized texts, as well as thorough and detailed mastery of the principles, forms and styles of various texts prepared for the needs of companies.

Lectures cover topics extending specialist terminology and knowledge of the basics of management, finance, marketing and law, as well as issues related to current socio-economic issues. Russian in business online studies is an attractive field of study that allows you to organize your time in any way you want.
Completing your studies in a foreign language in business will provide you with a stable position on the Polish and foreign labor market. Thanks to the acquired knowledge and skills, you will be able to move freely in the international business environment.

Document obtained Diploma

What will you learn?

You will learn to make effective decisions and effectively manage time by analyzing real cases from the business world.
You will gain knowledge about the modern labor market and the requirements of your future employer.
You will learn the specialized vocabulary of the business language in the field of the most important aspects of the economy.
You will develop entrepreneurial behavior necessary in the modern, extremely competitive labor market.

Job prospects

Translation offices
Non-governmental organizations
Foreign enterprises
Cultural institutions.

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